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Are you not sure you are ready for the Adulting phase of your life - even though it's starring you in the face?

Frightened by the prospect of becoming a parent for the first time?

Well... you are not alone. Most of us don't feel ready for the major changes we go though in our lives because we have not prepared for them. Often, we don't even know what we need to do to prepare.

Our services will prepare you for Adulting and Parenting by building your personal growth skills... and helping you build a community to support you on your journey.

Learning Tracks

Each Foundation Learning Track is available as a Bundle that prepares you completely for the next phase of your journey. It's an exciting way to grow into your adulting and parenting role.

Foundation Bundle

Lay a strong foundation for your transition into adulthood and parenthood with learning modules that help you do the personal reflection and personal growth required to allow you to build strong, lasting relationships.

Bundle includes:

* Building Self-Esteem
* Creating a Life Plan
* Selecting a Good Mate
*4 Stages of Relationships
* Building Trust

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Growth Bundle

This Bundle focuses on the personal growth skills that are  most associated with the ability to build lasting relationships. Sharpen these skills and you greatly increase the likelihood that your relationships will last.

Bundle  Includes:

* Personality Style
* Communication Style
* Communicating with your Partner
* Conflict Management
* Problem Solving
* 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

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Application Bundle

The courses in this Bundle will guide you through the process of applying learnings from the Foundation and Growth Bundles to the parenting stage of your life. 

Bundle Includes:

* Setting and Modeling Behavior Standards
* Building A United Front 
* Providing Undivided Attention
* How to make and keep promises to kids
* What's Your Parenting Style?
* Creative Discipline
* Mentor/Coach Parenting
* Providing Positive Feedback

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AP Academy

You can use the link below to view the complete list of AP Academy courses.

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AP Community

What does the beautiful island resort graphic have to do with the AP Community? Click on the link below to find out.

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