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You say you want to improve your parenting skills. Well... here's your chance to do just that.

The Parent Enrichment Training (PET) program is a comprehensive parenting skills development program based on the book "Growing Into Your Parenting Role" by the husband-and-wife team of Renée Nuckols Shackelford and William G. Shackelford. The book and the training take a unique approach that begins with the parents themselves.  

This interactive, informative, and fun training program will expand the joy you get out of being a parent. Enrollment in PET also includes membership in the My-PAD parenting community. There you will: meet other parents who are working to improve their parenting skills; attend group discussions and webinars; expand your parenting support team; and get expert and peer advice on parenting challenges facing you. 

Training Options To Fit Your Needs

PET "Stages of Parenting" Training

This is an asynchronous,  self-study option for individuals interested in focusing on one of the PET Content Areas. 

Stage 1: Laying A Strong Foundation (more info)
Stage 2: Preparing for Parenting (more info)
Stage 3: Raising Children (more info)
Stage 4: Making Parenting Life Memorable (more info)

Your training will include:

∎ Learning at your own pace
∎ Engaging learning material
∎ Workbook/Work Sheets
∎ My-PAD membership
∎ Group chat
∎ 3 mo. unlimited access to learning material on the PET portal

Course Fee: $135/Stage

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PET Certificate Program

The PET Certificate Program is the most popular option for parenting skills development. It is a 6-month guided learning and coaching program covering all four Stages of Parenting (i.e., Laying A Strong Foundation, Preparing for Children, Raising Children, and Making Parenting Life Memorable). The PET Certificate Program requires a real commitment to improving parenting skills from you and your parenting team members. Your training will include:
∎ 18 learning modules covering the four Stages of Parenting
∎ Self-assessment and Parenting Team assessment activities
∎ Live/online learning experiences
∎ Learning/Growing with other parents
∎ Monthly online interactive sessions
∎ Small group activities
∎ Workbook
∎ Curated resource material
∎ My-PAD membership
∎ Private group chat
∎ 12 mo. unlimited access to learning material on the PET portal
∎ Individual and group coaching
∎ Certificate of Completion

Course Fee: $439.99 ($39.99/month)

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