Parenting Coaching Services

Our Parenting Coaching Services are designed to help parents privately work through unique parenting issues, or as a general support service for parents.

Use our Parenting Coaching Services:
∎ As a sounding board where they can vent and get supportive feedback.
∎ To get a "second opinion" before making important parenting-related decisions.
∎ As a "neutral party" to "break the tie" between parenting partners.
∎ As a place where you can always get an encouraging word that lifts your spirits.

Parenting Coaching Services...
Are not:
∎ Therapy (although it can be therapeutic).
∎ Certified Coaching (though it can help you address challenging parenting issues).

∎ Provided by a parent with over 40 years of parenting experience.
∎ Designed to provide practical, proven strategies for parenting.
∎ Designed to help you grow parenting skills you will use for a lifetime.
∎ Designed to help you gain greater confidence in your parenting decisions.

Individual Coaching

Single Session

* Confidential
* Tailored to Your Needs


Individual Coaching

4 Session Package

* In-depth Support
* Tailored to Your Needs


Group Coaching

6 Week Package

* Small Groups
* Weekly Sessions
* Growth Assignments


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